Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Raw salmon smells like.....

Cat Piss! I joke...it smells very fishy.

Warning! this video is funny but full of swear words and vulgarities. Some of you may not appreciate it as much as I did.  There is actually a good recipe hidden in there. Fred was laughing his ass off watching it and trying to follow the recipe. There are a whole series of videos here for your viewing pleasure.

  Natalie and Raymond were going to make this meal before he left but it never happened. So Natalie and I went to the store, picked up some very expensive asparagus, baby spinach for spinach with garlic, and some yellow rice. Fred had the night off so we all did it together. What started out to make her really sad because of it reminded her of her boo,instead made her really happy because she cooked a dish and we all helped. I am glad we did it and I am hoping the meal with become a regular on our dinner plates. I am waiting for Chelsea to get off work before I eat.
I need to eat more fish cause of my stomach issues so I am going to have salmon tonight for the very first time. I am hoping it tastes good. The smell when it came out of the package was kind ewww! But I am going in with an open mind.

I hope it is not freezing where you are like it is here. If it is, Stay warm and enjoy your evening!

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