Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy Anniversary!!!

  Today is our 20th wedding anniversary. Nothing special going on because we celebrated over the weekend. I brought him some coffee and breakfast so that is a start. To us, it does not seem like a big deal to be together that long. We just lived each year together and here we are. Actually, in February we will have been a couple for 27 years. So we took some time and had a kid before we decided we were meant for each other. Chelsea was our flower girl in our very small JOP wedding. I cannot even find the pictures that were taken. It is safe to assume my sister has some copies but I do not talk to her so we will just say they are lost forever. He has to work, which I knew already, so no special dinner either. I couldn't eat it if I tried.

 I have been doing some research on this whole gallbladder thing. I have been bitching on here for more then a couple years that I need to change my habits and get healthy. Well, I was too damn lazy. My gallbladder did the work for me. Now I have to stay away from so many things. It is going to be trial and error with many foods. From all the sources that I have read, I may only be able to eat chicken and fish or those could make me sick also. I have to eat more fiber, more vegetables, more grains. Stay away from fried, grease, pre-packaged, processed, junk, red meat, pork, fat, deli meats, dairy, coffee, and soda. That is a short list. Basically my gallbladder is helping me do the work. If I eat something I should not, it will make me shit my pants...literally.

 I did learn quite a few things. I am going to start drinking glasses of water with lemon juice. It seems to help with flushing the liver. I learned that I could end up having laparoscopic surgery or open surgery. That matters if the gallbladder is too swollen or not. Do not want open. That is weeks of recovery. I learned that even skinny bitches that just eat grass can end up with having to have their gallbladder out. I have met some young people that have had it also. I thought it was all about getting older but it isnt. Everyone has gallstones. Not everyone will have an issue with their gallbladder.
Except me.

  I see the surgeon at 4pm tomorrow. I am super duper assuming that I am having surgery sometime in the next few days. I am going to start making a list of foods that I can eat. Not going to dwell on those that I have lost. A good friend told me to not mourn the foods you have lost. You were lucky enough to have gotten to eat them and enjoy them. Now it is time to use my skills at cooking to make bland foods more exciting for myself. I need to find a new favorite food! I am going to try to stay positive as much as possible. When I finally give up on the soda and the coffee, that is going to be really really hard. Like I said yesterday (i think), I drink just enough to keep me awake and keep the symptoms of withdrawal away.  I will deal with that mess at a later date.

I usually post what I am going to make for dinner. Honestly, I do not know. Everything hurts me. I had spaghetti with a plain tomato sauce last night. No fats at all. It was good. I felt bloated but it was good. I do not have alot of veggies in the house because Friday is grocery day. Plus I am afraid to eat. I have found a recipe for turkey burgers. I hate ground turkey but if I have to eat it to live, so be it. I think I will do a combo of turkey for me and ground beef for them. I will cook mine separate. I will make some baked potato fries in the oven too.
I have to learn to cook healthy and have it sound really good!
New lease on life...


  1. Jenny O Savory Spiced turkey burgers are really good, in my opinion. Plain turkey burgers suck....a lot.

  2. I will look for those.the Turkey burgers with the ground Turkey were good. I will post recipe tomorrow. Very tasty and I was surprised. I did not have potatoes. I have salad and small handful of corn chips. They are organic.
    I think I will buy some Garden burgers too.