Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hard to swallow

I realized after I had my lunch a little bit ago that my life could change forever and I need to come to terms with that. I had a can of Campbell`s chicken noodle soup and six Ritz crackers. That is it. That is usually the go to meal when you are sick on the couch with the yucks. I had just finished eating and realized I had to go to the bathroom. I have read about this symptom. It happens to you after you get your gallbladder out. Sometimes your bile cannot digest the food and you get the dumping syndrome that gastric bypass patients deal with.
  I have to learn how to eat things that do not have grease and fats. I have to learn to cook that way too. Now, I do not constantly eat fatty foods all day every day but I admit I eat things like tacos once a week. That is fat fat fatty. I did not think of it that way because I usually only had a bit of meat and the rest veg and cheese and some sour cream. I cannot indulge in those either.
This is not a whine fest at all. I am just really coming to terms that I have to learn to eat healthy or else. I have to cut the bad carbs out of my life and only eat the good carbs. I have to eat a low fat, high fiber, low carb life. And I have to walk my ass off every single day because I cannot afford to gain anymore weight. Once I have the surgery and I am healed enough, I am going to buy a new pair of sneakers and drag Fred along.
   Two nights ago I made dinner for Rainbow. The kielbasa rice and beans. It was a good meal and it made me monumentally sick. I did not get awful, god help me pain...but I was sick all night and into the next day.
 Dinner will be interesting tonight. Cooking in my crockpot is my spaghetti sauce with sweet Italian sausages. This is to go over shell pasta. For ME though is a different story. I am going to have pieces of white breast chicken that are stir fried with limited spice (salt and pepper) with mushrooms and fresh green beans. That is it. That is what I am going to have to learn to LOVE. Bland.

I was trying to find an example of how I should be eating NOW and how I am going to have to eat after. It took me a bit but I did find something.

Upon arising: 
 A glass of lukewarm water with lemon
Fresh fruit and vegetables, steel cut oats with two egg whites mixed in (and then cook) and a big glass of water.
Fresh vegetable juice with fat-free yogurt
 Vegetable soup, a large salad consisting of vegetables in season with dressing of lemon or canola oil. Fresh fruit for dessert, if desired.
 Fresh wild pacific salmon, one or two lightly cooked vegetables, baked yam or brown long grain rice or whole-wheat wheat tortilla
 Other foods to avoid
 All meats, egg yolk, animal fats, sugar, white flour, all products made from them processed and denatured foods, fried and greasy foods, refined carbohydrates, alcohol, tea, spices, condiments, pickles and smoking. Avoid carbonated beverages. Low fat dairy such as skim milk, low fat cheese, and low fat sour cream. Leaner meats are best if you are going to partake. And lots and lots of fruits and vegetables added for extra fiber.

Two things. I hate sweet potatoes unless they are in pie. And I have never eaten salmon before. I assume it is expensive. The way this is going to go is, I am going to have to eat one way, and they are going to have to eat another way. I am going to have to eat alot of fruits and vegetables. There is only so much money in the food budget. I am the one that is in pain, so my diet supersedes the junk that they like.
I am not going to get depressed over this. I just have no idea how to cook salmon. What the fuck does it taste like?
Just going to have to try really hard and ease my way into this. Ugh!

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