Friday, January 11, 2013

Constipated Friday


  I have that recipe for the turkey burgers. I did not forget. Ok, I did forget but I remembered. I did not add the cheese to the recipe because of my gut being pissed off at dairy right now. But it was good without it so I am guessing it will be really good with it. I was thinking of another one. You could do mozzarella cheese inside the turkey burger and then put marinara and cheese on top and have like some sort of Italian Turkey burger thing.
 I am going to get a call today from these people so that I can get an appointment for that test to see if my gallbladder is in fact fucking with me. The pain on my right side has not gone away. In the three weeks (almost) that this has been going on, everything has been moving along smoothly. For the past 2 days, not so much. Orange gritty nasty shit to the rescue. Still in pain on my side so I know I am not wasting all their time over some constipation. That would be funny. All I know is I am going to try and be positive today. I am sticking with the low carb/low fat eating because it has helped with the pain. I need to add some more roughage to the mix and I have to figure out what the hell I am going to eat every day. Salads and sliced turkey are not cutting it.

If any of you want to pop me a message to give me some new ideas of what I can eat, I would absolutely appreciate it. I will post them on here to share.

It is Friday so that means off to run errands that I do not want to run. Have a great Friday!

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