Saturday, September 1, 2012

I can smell it!

*264* <---Yuppers!

   It smells like Autumn! (i have the air conditioner on though)
    I am not one that considers today or this weekend the end of summer. If it is September and 80 degrees out, I am going to go swimming. We are hoping we can go this evening and get our swim on. It is going to be gorgeous all weekend long. It is the end of the summer lobster boy too. There is this cute kid (in his 20s) that sells lobsters, clams, and fish near the docks here in our city. Only on Thursdays and Fridays. I went there once in July and the lobsters were meaty, tasty, and very reasonably priced. Around here you can get them for like $5 a pound. So I decided yesterday that I was going to go. Good thing I did. He is going back to school. This weekend is the last one till next summer. See...end of summer! So I bought 3. I dispatched them last night and today I am going to make lobstah salad to go on rolls. Now, you may be thinking I just ranted about money. Yes, I did. But paying $20 for three little lobsters twice in the summer is not going to kill us. Plus, I was able to procure 4 very large whole chicken roasters for $3 a piece (this is the meat surge I was telling you about). I got hamburger, london broil, boneless chicken, local kielbasa, and the fryers for cheap cheap cheap! I only spent $30 over what I usually spend a week.
    I like to have an over abundance of food when I have extra cash because I feel safe. I found out today that labels me as a Prepper. There is actually a movement of people that are prepping because they fear there may come a time where we as the human race may have to fend for ourselves. I have been slowly catching on to this. There is a site I saw on Blogger called I have not jumped completely into the site with two fists yet but I will. It is alot of information on how to prepare foods, how to survive without electricity, and etc. There are lots of sites out there like this one.  Homestead Survival is another one I like to read from time to time. I am not all into the paramilitary stuff that pops up but hubs and i have considered maybe possibly taking some classes, learning how to shoot, and buying a gun. But that is just flippant talk right now. We do not have any extra money to procure any weaponry. Take a look. The second site has some great ideas on how to repurpose things and lots of cool recipes.
  I have known about the drought and the food prices for some time. I went to the bread store yesterday and I do not know how the conversation turned to it but these four women had NO clue the reason why meat was so cheap all of a sudden. I told them and they all thanked me profusely. Yes, the bread store. All of them had closed down for quite a few years. Around the late 90s to 2000s. I grew up going with my Mom to the bread store. I know how much of a savings it is. Then last year, the Wonder bread store opened back up. It is about a 15 minute out of the way drive but I can buy all the bread for the month and they have this specialty soda we like on the cheap (Polar) and I put the bounty in the deep freezer. That bitch is packed full right now. FULL! It has not been that full in a long time. I need to actually take some time this weekend and go through it and organize it better.
    What else...Oh, the kid starts school on Tuesday. Hopefully if she applies herself like she says and the counselor told her too, she will have her diploma in June. There is too many loose ends from last year that she cannot finish in December. She was disappointed but she now knows she has to just finish so she can move on with her life. I am proud of her.  The other kid has got another job. She has two part times and she is working with kids in a program that pays her a stipend that is coming from fundraising. Still not enough to actually live out in the real world but she is taking those steps.

 That is about it. I have the lobsters to crack open and make the salad, laundry, and I am going to pick a room to clean. This week I have to clean the entire house, one room at a time with the help of Natalie. Then on Thursday we will steam clean all the carpets and the livingroom rug. All of this while I feel like donkey shit. I am taking care of that though. On Friday I go to the ENT. Hopefully he will give me something to combat the dizziness. I fear the Meneire`s is in my other ear. If it is, I will take that as it comes. But we will go to New Haven, appointment, pick up the kid`s friend, bakery, and home. When we bring him back to New Haven on Sunday for the train..we will go to Ikea (the only one in the state!) I need some more utensil hooks.

I hope you have a great and safe Labor day holiday and if you do not celebrate it, hope you have a great weekend.

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