Monday, September 17, 2012

I lost one but gained a ton!

*the scale died!!!* <----needs new battery. Not conventional battery. Pffffft!!

Welcome to all of you that started reading here since yesterday. I appreciate the support. I learned I truly do have some great friends out there. :)
 I am told it is chilly out there today (ummmm. 66 deg f)  but I am warm. Not hot flashes or anything but just warm. I know the humidity/dew point is non existent but I feel like I could break out in a sweat if I did anything. Is that the hormones? The water pill? Or do I have a broken thermostat? hehehe All I know is that I love it. This is my time of year! I am hoping Hubs takes the AC out of the living room window today. I want the cross breeze again before I have to seal up all the windows.
  Today I am going to work on the dollhouse and I am going to pickle the cucumbers. I was planning on doing it this past weekend but I decided against it with me being woozy and all. Hot jars of hot liquid and feeling shitty do not mix. Today I feel okay so I am going to get that shit done.  I found a jar of Ball Kosher Dill Pickle Mix. I bought it because I was curious. I do not usually use pre made stuff like that for canning. You can get all the salt and spices you need and do it yourself. But I saw it, it cost half what it cost on that link and I said What the hell? I will let you know. Lets hope it was not a colossal mistake. 
That is about it for today. I have to try to get the second floor onto this dollhouse. It is a pain that you have to twist and bend to get it to fit into this contortion. I screwed it up yesterday so I had to reglue everything. I am hoping I do it better today.
Wish me luck!

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