Friday, September 14, 2012

Got the laptop at night..Oooo!

I am loved! I just thought the picture was funny.

 Kid is gone for the weekend. Trip to NYC with some friends. So the laptop is MINE...all MINE. *evil laugh*
  I cannot wait for the day when I have my very own laptop that I do not have to share with anyone else, not even hubby! Okay, I would share with him cause he is my bud and that is what buds do for each other. But nobody else.

   Shit hit the fan today for me.   After I posted this morning, I went and ran a couple errands. I came back, washed all the dishes (there were not many), emptied one section of the pantry and cleaned it (Ya! I am JUST getting to that. HA!), and I had to take Chels to get things done before she left this afternoon. We got to the pharmacy and I felt weird. Thankfully it is right down the street from the house. I thought my sugar was low cause I did take insulin but did not have sufficient breakfast. I grabbed a Hershey bar and decided I was going to stop at the house to check it before we went across the bridge. It was not my sugar. I was woozy from what I guess is whatever is wrong with my ear/s.  I told hubby, he took her across the bridge, and I went upstairs to bed.* Now I want to say that I am smart about this. I stay around town, and if I feel like crap, I go straight home. In the 10 years that I have had Meniere`s disease, it has never affected my driving. I have like a sense of balance when I am controlling the car. I even discussed that with the Dr. Like around town I am fine but highway driving messes with me. This is why I take the ativan. Do not worry! I am good. I am smart. I have been doing this for a long time. back to the story* I have never felt that way except when I had that noise induced head ache. But there was no noise or weird feelings. I changed into comfy pjs, took a nap, Nat made me grilled cheese, I laid in bed while watching a Roseanne marathon, went online with my phone, Rainbow brought me dinner, and now I am down here on the computer at almost 10pm. A whole Friday wasted. I never even got to the Farmer`s market. But it is okay. I have plenty of cukes to pickle for tomorrow.
  My friend A is worried. She feels that it was another one of those attacks that would require me to have that nasty surgery. I told her that I honestly do not know. I do not remember a loud noise and then a trigger. So maybe it is just a freaking migraine. All I know is this is bullshit.

So my weekend will consist of being in and around the house. I will take that pill and hope to God it works.
  Maybe I should try to go to bed. Hubby will be home soon.
I hope I didnt wake you. Good night!

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