Thursday, September 20, 2012

Have a little rice with your poison!


  After decades of research, the FDA says that there are high levels of arsenic in rice I found this out yesterday as I was eating basmati rice with my dinner. I did not stop eating it because I was hungry and I feel this is some more bogus bullshit. People have been eating rice forever. If the arsenic levels from pesticides are so high, why are more people not kicking it left and right? I may sound dumb to some of you but for some reason, this rubs me the wrong way. Now all of a sudden, the government may want us to stop eating rice..a major staple in many families diets. What is next? Bubonic baked potatoes? I have decided that I will eat rice once a week or less as usual. And I will watch and wait. That rice was damn good last night too!

  I think the water pill is helping. I have to wait a couple hours between taking my cholestrol pill and the water pill. I start to notice that I feel sick as the morning wears on. Once I take the pill I am good. My ears are still full and ringing but that can be coming from the hole thingy I talked about before. I had another incident here at the house. It was very brief but enough to call the Dr. Garbage truck went by and it makes that scraping sound. I had a vision shift side to side but it was like for a split second. Very weird. I also was standing up in the livingroom, talking to one of the kids, and suddenly I felt taller then usual. You know that feeling you get when you wear new glasses? I had that without glasses. It was weird and cool at the same time. It went away once I sat down. My appointment in October will include a Cat scan early in the morning in New haven. He wants to see if I have the hole and at this point, so do I.
 The symptoms have been ramping up ever since that first time. I am never this sick like this (dizzy and nauseated) all the time. Never. Occasionally yes but all day, every day? No.

  I wanted to share a new recipe that I tried this week that was a hit. It is called Crispy Black Bean Fritters with creamy cilantro dipping sauce. I made small ones like fritters as part of our dinner and then I made larger ones for Chelsea to have on a bun like burgers. Really fucking good! The dip was really good too. We all fought over it. Make the dip ahead and let it sit in the fridge. Give it a try!

 I do not know what the heck I am going to do today. It is colder out this morning then it has been in awhile. I should put on some long sleeves and do some yard work in the front of the house. I need to cut down and bag up. But I also have a fridge to clean. Which should I do? Which should I do? Logically I should do the fridge but that is the yuckier of the two options. LOL

I will drink some more coffee and think about it.

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