Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Love/Hate relationship with....

*I have no clue*

A  PILL!!!

 Okay, this diuretic is good and bad at the same time. I want to keep taking it because it sort of helps me. Maybe as the weeks go on, it will get better. I am still having major issues with super loud noises but the pill isnt being taken for those.
 My ass is melting away which I am totally for! I love it. I hate that my scale needs a strange battery that I have to go to Home Depot to get (Friday) but I digress. My clothes are hanging off me more. I am happy about that.  But my appetite is in the dumpster. Which is also good but partly bad. I have to like remember to eat. Ditto with the drinking of water. This is a diuretic so you have to drink plenty of water or end up dehydrated and in the hospital.  I hate that the pill makes me feel loopy because it has worn off and I cannot take it until lunch time because the Crestor and the Diuretic do not mix. Sounds strange, I know. I just feel really crappy most of the time. Worse then usual. I do not know if that is the pill OR the other thing in my head. I have times during the day when I feel good. Makes me think that the pill really is working for the Meniere`s. The ringing quiets down a bit. I notice it and it is nice. But then the other thing shows it is boss.  I was stopped at light and a big fucking moving truck pulled up next to me. The vibrating noise of the engine and gears made my head feel funny so I quickly closed the window. Then I was fine.
Jesus, I do not want that surgery! I dont! It is scary! I have always felt crappy but ever since the weird incident that sent me the ear dr, I have not been the same. This is a new kind of crappy that I want to go away...NOW!
 The computer is still being a piece of shit. I am working on getting rid of whatever virus is still in here. It never left from the last time. I can feel it.
I have been trying to work on the dollhouse but my head is still too fuzzy sometimes. I am not abandoning it, I am just slow going with it.  I made that batch of strawberry jam. Looks good. I need to make some more soon but I have to buy supplies. Life goes on as planned around here.

So yeah..I am losing the weight. Makes me smile. I need to smile more often.

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