Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day 2012


  Hubs has spent yesterday and he will spend today with me. It feels good. We miss the money from the part timer but I am enjoying the time with him. He says that he has not lost the job, it is just slow. So when business picks up, he will get to come in for work. This is his vacation weekend at the full time so we are enjoying it. I love that man and he loves me. How did we get to be so lucky?

  If you live in the US and you have to work today...BOO! I hope you carve out some time to yourself when you get off of work so that you get to celebrate too. Since I was uber lazy all weekend, I am cooking and cleaning today. Right now as I type, I am also frying bacon for sandwiches for lunch. Then I am going to pick a room to clean and CLEAN it. The friend is coming in four days! Not alot of time to make this place lived in but non-gross.
 My list is long and I will have the kid`s help. I am even going to bake fucking cookies for the cookie jar.
  But today is cleaning the one room of my choosing (NOT the kitchen) and making Sunday Fried Chicken and mashed potatoes for dinner. Hubs wanted it today so that is what he is getting.
 We bought this papasan chair at a yard sale for $5. This is one new. Ruby finally figured out how to sit in it.
I am so spaced right now. I am doing bacon. I am thinking what i have to do this week. I got the girls talking to me. And I am out of coffee. I have no idea what I am talking about! Ha!

     I read up on saving food for survival. It was really smart and it was not just about end of the world scenarios. It could be if we had a hurricane or a blizzard and the lights went out. We would have food to eat that does not require cooking. Did you know you should have 3 cases of water per person (and animal) to give you a weeks worth of water? You know when the stores have those sales on cases of water for like $3 a piece? That is when we should buy. Stack it up in the corner of the basement. After a year, if you did not use it, you can use it for cooking or watering your plants. I have been seriously thinking about it. I am all about having enough food to eat and if a situation came up, I would lose my mind if we did not have enough food. I am going to save cat food and dog food also. I assume it has the same shelf life as other things but I will check it out.

  Anyway...that is just something to think about. Not just for me but maybe for you also.

  I have re-potted a new Wandering Jew plant that a friend gave me and then my other one got knocked over on the front porch and the pot broke. The plant needs to be repotted. It is root bound. So I have to buy soil and pots for 1..2..3..4 plants. I want to get that done soon before the fall truly comes. My umbrella plant, the one I bought at the grocery store,  was not doing so great so I moved it here in the dining room. It is not dropping leaves anymore. Hopefully it will survive the re-pot.

Well, I guess I am done with all my babbling. It will be a nice busy Monday holiday but I will remain in my pajamas!

Have a great day.

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