Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day two is a little better

Stock photo courtesy of Greenleaf Dollhouses

I am feeling better then yesterday. I still feel loopy but not as much. Like yesterday was 100% loopy and today is like this is a good thing. I noticed that the ringing in my ears is good but in the later evening, it comes back with a roar. I hope that is just because I started taking it. I like that it is kind of silent in my head. I am still feeling funky so that could be the inner ears or the pill or a little of both. So far, 2nd day is way better then the first.
 I have noticed that I am not very hungry. I read that loss of appetite is a side effect. I hope it is a long lasting one. I ate lunch and now i am going to eat dinner but I have had no snacks or even wanted to. Love that part of it!

 I have been working on a half scale Greenleaf Rosedale. One of my mini friends started to build one and I got the itch. Then I found out another friend is building it so I have two people to help me if I get stuck. I am at first floor and I am painting the stairs...if you have ever done and you know what I am talking about. I tried to put the 2nd floor on and that was a disaster. I hope it is better fitting tomorrow.
   Going to eat dinner and relax for the rest of the evening. Hope day three is even better.

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