Saturday, September 22, 2012

Jam and bloody fingers


  I am working on the Rosedale this morning (after two cups of coffee) and I already punctured my damn finger. It is okay. Not bleeding anymore but that is the hazard of this hobby. Burns and boo boos. I have not done a house in over a year so I am do for some pain. There is this second floor piece that will not fit no matter what I do. I think I screwed up the staircase assembly and it is making for a too tight fit. So I am slowly cutting the space bigger. I do not have proper tools so it is gonna take awhile. I want to get that piece up so that I can continue. And it has to be on there proper or the third floor wont go on correctly. Grrrr!
 It is the first day of Autumn today. I am thinking I need to start working on my jam for the winter. I have bags of frozen strawberries downstairs. I can make a shit load of jam. I also have blackberries but not as much as the strawberries. I also have some more pickling cukes to make pickles with. I am not going to over do it today because I am starting in the midst of a Fibro flare but I want to do the strawberry. We do not have anymore in the cabinet for eating so this is the perfect time to do it.
 Don't you think?

  So let us hope I get this piece fabricated to my liking without losing any fingers so that I can move onto strawberry jam. I am even going to go down in the freezer and get them. Once defrosted, I have to use them!
 I hope you have a nice first day of Fall.


  1. Good luck with the jam and the house. :)

    1. Sounds like busy time!! Homemade jam...mmmmmmm. Divine.

  2. Found the damn add a comment link! OH! And I fed your fish! HAHA!

  3. The Jam was successful. I taught Natalie from beginning to end. So it was her jam batch this time around. I have to make another batch for giving away and a batch of strawberry jalapeno and a batch of blackberry. But I need more jars, strawberries, and sugah.

    Thanks Trish. They were looking scrawny.