Friday, September 21, 2012

Poor pitiful me. Not really

Happy Birthday Mr. King


 I knew it was going to be a tight week. I just hate when I have to face it. I have been paying bills off so that one point I will be all caught up. So this week, I had a few to pay at once and well, you know how it goes. I cancelled the gym memberships yesterday. That will save us $41 a month! Not a whole hell of alot but it is not going to a gym that we do not use. If we want to rejoin, it is no big deal. They always have specials to sign up. I have money for gas for midweek and food in the house. We will be fine. I just hate it. BUT all the good stuff on sale will be next week also. So I guess it is okay. (i am trying to convince myself.)

 So this will be a week of cooking from scratch and complaining cause I am tired and feel like shit. Normal everyday routine. I have a ton of dishes to do but I am not in the mood. I think my Autumn Fibro flare is kicking in. No biggie. It comes and then in a week or two it will be gone. I have to say that this water pill has done one good thing. All my clothes fit better. It got rid of all the bloat. I do not have as much of a stomach pooch. I love it! So with all this crap going on, I can feel good that my clothes feel a smidgen bigger on me then before.
   I am going to try to do the damn dishes plus work on the front yard some more. It is slow going but I almost have a bag filled of cuttings. My friend A told me I should plants some ornamental grass. I was thinking I could do that. I have never had it in the yard before. Plant it in the front. One on each side of the large bed then perennials in between. Less work for me! That will have to wait till next year. No extra for plants.

Wow, this is sounding sad sacky and I did not intend it. Please do not think I walk around with a hound dog look on my face. I just write about what is going on. If it is too sad, I understand if you do not to read. I have lost other people cause they do not want to hear it. I understand.
I am in a good mood except for not having any spending money this week. I have a dollhouse to build!
If I can find my xacto knives!!

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