Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Eat your Spam!

*243* <-----It is definitely broken now.

This afternoon I made Fred and I scrambled eggs with shallots, chives from the garden and fried Spam. I loved it. Reminds me of my childhood. My parents were brought up during the Great Depression and my Mom still served Spam later on even when they didn't have to. It was given to the troops during WW2 because it traveled well. I love the shit. It is full of sodium so I have to be careful and I found out that the brand sells a less sodium version that I will hunt down. Check out their website....Spam.
 Now before you go Ewwww! Gross!! Never!..Try to be open minded. It is a ham product. Millions of Hawaiians eat it every day in all sorts of ways. I am going to try my hand at making Spam Sushi (Musubi) one day soon. We have to be more creative in our cooking and feeding our families. Now in light of the news today that there is going to be a worldwide shortage of pork and bacon, I am going to stock up on those for the freezer. Then I am going to buy cans of Spam and Underwood deviled ham and maybe Vienna sausage (which I fucking hate!) to stock in the cabinet.

  I have noticed today that I have lost a bit of weight. It is water weight and I think poundage also. I have been eating less because the diuretic kills my appetite and I have been eating less because there are five mouths to feed. You have to think of others in your household when money is tight and everyone is hungry. Now I am NOT saying I am dirt poor or anything. I just know it is smarter in the long run to eat less for my health and to make the food budget stretch. I have been eating more leftovers too. If I make pasta for dinner, I make extra. Then Rainbow and I eat it for lunch or dinner the next day. But yeah. Fred said I have those indents on the sides of my stomach that I have not had in a millennium, LOL I guess I will lose this damn fat after all. Didnt think it would be for these reasons and ways but I will take it!

Just some food for thought about the Spam. If you have never had it, buy one of the smaller cans. Fry it up and see what you think. You can also marinate it in seasonings too.


  1. Told ya you would be peeing every five minutes! lol. I like fried spam, I haven't had it in a long time...may need to stop by the grocery store.

  2. If you do not like salty, look for low sodium version. Because it was good but it got to be too much. I figure I can feed four people spam and eggs with one normal size can. There are smaller cans too.
    It is an option in these tough times.