Friday, September 14, 2012

Does a water pill make you float?


   I ask this question because I am going to start taking the Diuretic tomorrow. My pharmacist said it would be a good idea to take it when I am not going anyplace. I have bills to pay this week and next week so there will be no festival going this weekend. Perfect time to take the pill. I guess it can make you dizzy. Great! Like I need to be MORE dizzy. LOL If it makes me feel mega shitty over the weekend, I am going to have to think long and hard on whether I want to take it or not. I usually follow Dr`s orders but I cannot have something that makes me feel much much worse.

 I am sorry I have been lax in the posting lately. Obviously my mind has been elsewhere and I just do stuff around the house. The job has not started yet. I go visit every week to see. Even hubby went by to see what is going on. The business is open but does not have permission to put a sign out yet, which makes it difficult for customers to know it exists. I hate this dicking around that is going on by the Planner of the town. It sucks that one motherfucker has the right to screw with you if he wants to. This has been going on since April. I figured I would be working have all my bills paid by now and be square so that I could start saving and using the little extra I was getting. I do not even know if I am going to start working end of September. It is like the dude ruined the business for some reason. All Spring and Summer are gone. Prime time to be doing his thing. Fall and Winter are approaching. It is like he wants the business to fail. I am talking about the Planner of the town. I have never seen this before. SMH Cross fingers that I can start soon. I am worried about affording home heating oil. I need the furnace cleaned too. UGH! Do not even get me started on Christmas. If I do not start working, that will be a non event in this house.

  Enough of the gloom and doom. I need to keep a positive outlook. SMILE. Maybe things will be better soon! I bought some nice pickling cukes and supplies this week. I am hoping after I go to the bank this am, that I can snag another 2 lbs of cukes from the farmer`s market to make pickles this weekend. I am not going to do bread and butter this time.I want to do straight Dill pickles. I hate sweet pickles. This year is MY year. I am not talking about jelly right now but I might. I have to make some strawberry jalapeno for a friend plus I have regular strawberry and blackberry to make. I have a 10lb bag of sugar that I bought because the other sugar bags pissed me off. The sugar makers have made the bags 1lb smaller (4lbs instead of 5lbs) and they are charging the same amount. I noticed when I picked up the bag. It was easy to lift and hold with one hand. Aint that some shit! I use alot of sugar in baking and such and that just took the cake for me.
Pumpkin, Butternut, and I have no idea. :)

  I want to share something about Squash and Sweet potatoes. Now is the perfect time to buy all your winter squashes. They do not have to go in the fridge. They can be left out on the counter or someplace where they will not get jostled. You can buy as many as you desire because now they are selling for cheap. Sweet potatoes too. Many people do not buy winter squashes so they are there for the taking. Do not cook and freeze if you can help it! I have been buying small acorn squashes lately. I will start buying butternuts now. I have a recipe for butternut squash soup that I could have sworn I posted on the blog but I do not see it. I will post it at another time because it is a really good soup. I am not a huge squash fan but this soup is rich and creamy. Perfect for winter. You can purchase small pumpkins now too. Not just for Halloween but for cooking. Soups, breads, pies, and so many other things. I am telling you this because if food gets expensive this winter, you have these old standbys to help out. You can also buy something called storage onions. They last longer I am told. I do not have a root cellar and we are prone to mice in the winter, so I do not put anything like that in the basement. Just a thought to help you out.

  Woke up early at like 6am cause my allergies were kicking my butt. I am not sick but my eyes were bothering me. So I am fully coffeed up at quarter to 8am. I need to get going. Off to get the bills paid and the pickles bought.
Have a great weekend. Since I will be homebound, I will probably post over the weekend. About what..I have no clue.


  1. Doc probably told you to take it when you're not going anywhere because you'll be running to pee a lot! Nothing worse than looking for a bathroom in an emergency situation. Thanks for the winter squash tips! I'll be waiting for that soup recipe. I like butternut squash cut into fries and baked in the oven, and I've recently discovered spaghetti squash. Good eatin'!

  2. I also have a spaghetti squash recipe. I will post that too. Acorn squash is just split, cleaned out, and baked with butter and brown sugar.