Friday, September 7, 2012

I can`t hear you Sonny!


I went to the ENT today. I had hearing tested with audiology and I had a couple other tests to check my balance. Torture! Torture I tell you.
 The tests and what I told him revealed a few things. I have mild Meneire`s disease which I knew. He thinks I have some brain swelling. It may be because of vestibular migraines but he cannot be sure because the dizziness could be from other things. He gave me a diuretic for that and let`s cross fingers that it works!
Then he gave me the bad news. He said I may have something called Superior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome or SCDS. Here is a Wiki about it.  It is basically a hole in the bone that covers the top part of your inner ear. I have only had one instance of this weird dizzy spell that happened after I heard a loud noise. And I have been having more headaches. I see him in 6 weeks. If in that time, it happens again, I have to tell him. Then I will have a cat scan and talk of surgery. Scary surgery! Like they drill holes in your skull and push your brain back..okay I do not want to talk about that right now. I am tired. It has been a long day but I figured I would share. I am going to try to relax for a bit. My day will not be done till after dark.



  1. Holy shit! I hope the water pill works!! Thinking about you!

  2. Thank you! It will take about 5-6 weeks to notice improvement. Water pill will help with the brain irritation and the Meneire`s. Not with the other thing.I am hoping I just do not get another *attack* and all will be good.
    Oh and do not worry about me being out and about. Driving seems to stabilize me for some strange reason. I never feel crappy unless I am driving highway for long distance. That is why I do not do unless I have to.