Monday, September 10, 2012

Itchy Palms? Show me the money!

I wish it was picking season

My right palm has been itching like crazy for the past for days. I hope that means some money is on the way cause my ass could surely use it. I was told to make sure to itch toward my body so that the money will come to you and not away. I love old wives tales!

   Today I am more inclined to talk about the things I found out at my Dr appointment. He told me that one of the balance tests points to that issue I posted about in the last entry. He cannot be 100% sure until a cat scan is done. But we are going to wait. The surgery is very serious and if I have the cat scan now and they find that I do have that thing, I surely have to have it fixed. So we are going to be blissfully ignorant for now. If I have another *attack* in the next six weeks, I have to call and let the office know. If the attacks happen rarely, then surgery may not be needed at this time. If I were to have an attack like I did once every month, then I need to have it scanned, see if there truly is a hole, and have it repaired. He was up front with me and Natalie was there. I would have to have a hole drilled in my skull, the repair work is right next to the brain, and I could lose my hearing in that ear. But it would take away the dizziness and the weird sound/dizzy spell that I had before. I heard a loud sound next door, I felt extremely weird in the head, and I stood up cause i thought we were having a tiny earthquake or something. No, it was just me. So that has been weighing on my mind. Hoping the water pill he prescribed will help with my other issues. The dizziness and nausea may be helped with it and I have to cut and space out my ativan to last throughout the day. I take it for my spacial issues.

  It is a gorgeous Fall like day out there today. Makes me want to do something like bake cookies or make a roast (if i had one). I am going to do some Fall cleaning around the house, most likely bake cookies, and then hang out with hubby this evening.
I hope you all have a nice week ahead. I will check in from time to time.


  1. I've got you in my thoughts....I don't blame you for the blissful ignorance, I'd be doing the same! Make sure you do what the doctor says. Stay occupied....damn I sound like somebody's mother!

  2. Thanks. I have to be ignorant of it or I will be constantly distracted. Hey, you do sound like somebodies mother!