Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fifteen days!

I like the devily ones on the end.

   I just realized that in 15 days, basically 2 weeks..I am going to have my surgery. I realized I had not said anything lately about how I have been feeling. It seems that the 2nd antibiotic did the trick. My right ear is still clogged but it is popping so that is good. I really feel craptastic though. I have been sleeping more in the mornings and I have been taking naps. The house is a pig sty and I am not getting much help except for Fred. Same old song and dance basically. What is going to be like when I really cannot do anything. That is what scares me!
 I need to make lists of things for Fred to do when I am out of it like pay the cable bill on this day. Pay the mortgage on this day. Do not over spend on groceries (which he will do the opposite of) and Hopefully everything will be fine.
 Lets hope it doesnt snow yet. I still have not bought any oil. I have a little bit more then a 1/4 of a tank. Thank goodness it has been on the warm side. I will try to put 50 gallons in before I go into the hospital.
  Too much to think about. I have so much to do and I just cannot do it and you know what? I FUCKING HATE IT!
 I will not even be able to cook Thanksgiving dinner this year. Fred will have to do it. I will have to leave him a list of shit to do for the day.
 I do not know how well I will be after surgery and how long recovery is and how long it will be until I can drive.
All I know is I am sick of having my brain fluid running down the back of my throat like today. I know that is why I feel like shit.
  Sorry. I am getting tired of being like a damn invalid.

Tonight I am cooking dinner though and hang around for trick or treaters if we get any.

15 days!

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