Friday, October 5, 2012

It`s a Cluster


   I have something called Tegmen Defect. It is near both ears. I also have a skull that is thinner then normal people. It is genetic. I have fluid in both of my mastoids (that is the bone right behind your ears). And the fluid is indicative to a CFS leak. So I am leaking spinal fluid out of my nose and/or down the back of my throat. We do not know how severe it is. The dura (lining holding the fluid in your skull) will rub up against the pitted parts of your skull. I most likely have cranial pressure going on too. As the dura rubs up against the skull, it can get ripped open. You get small leaks. Then it heals itself. But the problem is infection. If I were to get a head cold, then an ear would creep up into my brain through the leak sites and I would get meningitis. The very bad kind that can kill you. So this is what we are trying to avoid.
   My job for the next week or two is to let him know if it has leaked alot. Do I have halo type stains on my pillow in the morning? Is it every morning? Most likely this will happen before the end of the year. I want to get it down before it snows.

So yeah. I have many things to think about.


  1. Thanks Dale.

    I checked my pillow case last night. It was full of those stains! And I change linens on a regular basis so it is not like that is weeks of stains.
    Brain surgery. I just realized that this morning. It is not just about my ears but they will be messing with my brain, the skull, and the dura that holds the fluid. I am so frightened. I want to wish it all away.

  2. I am here sending you positive energy! You are a strong woman and we are all behind you. Just remember hair grows back and we want you happy and well.

    Love you!

  3. Thank you dear. My hair is the least of my worries but I had to throw that in there. I am vain when it comes to it now. Funny how the tom boy in me became a girl later on in life.