Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I survived Sandy!

Green`s Harbor beach Sunday afternoon

 *disclaimer..I did not take any of these photos. They are from my friend Matt, the NL Patch, and NL firefighter`s union. So do not think I was a fool for going out during the storm.*

We survived!!  We never lost power or cable. The house is still the same as it was on Saturday. Except for a few branches in the yard and everything is dirty from the dirty Sandy rain. I thought I would share some pictures.
This one up top is the city`s free beach. You see that yellow building in the distance? That is where the sand should be. The water went right up to the wall!

Pequot Avenue/Green`s Harbor beach
This is that same area but this morning. The entire length of this road is impassible today and probably for the next few days.

Pequot Avenue/Lighthouse Inn area
This is the other end of Pequot Avenue. Fucking mess. These are all private beaches along the seawall. One of the beaches lost their pavilion that has been there since like my entire life or more. Washed away.

Here is a picture near my neck of the woods. A really old gnarly tree finally fell over in the park near my house. I wondered when that old bastard of a tree would finally get cut down or taken down.

Montauk ave near Blydenburg
Lower Montauk Avenue
I heard that lots and lots of trees were taken down with this storm. Trees landing on houses all over the area. No deaths here from the storm!

The skies are still a bit gloomy but you get peeks of sun and blue sky here and there. I had to open the windows in the dining room because it is warm and humid. It was a weird storm. I have never dealt with a cold hurricane. It was chilly throughout the whole thing. Once it was over, the temperature rose about 10 degs F.

 I am going to slowly wake up, get dressed, and go out and survey the street. I need to dig out my rake cause there is a shit load of branches and leaves.
I hope that if YOU experienced Sandy in any way that you are doing okay also. Give a shout out to let me know you are ok.
Back to coffee.....

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  1. So glad you survived the storm Heidi. Don't try to do to much clean up, you need to take it easy.

    Big Hugs,