Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sleep! Sleep! Sleep!

I have not had a good night`s sleep in three days. I am on my fourth day on the zpack and the shit isnt working the way it should. I can tell that it did some good but it didnt give the push I need to get this bacteria out of my system. I am still relying on Advil to get me through a less painful day. Still in pain in my throat (better) and my right ear (ugh). I am tired of being in pain and not getting any sleep.

   In other news, My neurosurgeon and his partner will not do the surgery here. It is beyond their scope. Dr P said he has been a surgeon for 30 years and he has only seen a handful of cases like mine. He said I NEED to go back to my ENT surgeon at Yale and get the work done as soon as possible. The fact that the meningitis can put me one foot in the grave should have me running to call him.
 So I called the office and my surgery is re-scheduled for November 14. Fred made me do it. We do not have $1500 to pay the hospital. I think that is our deductible. Fred was told by the bitty that would not send a referral that I can make a payment plan at Yale. I can pay as little as $10 a month if that is all I can afford. I have not talked to them yet cause they have to get everything in their system to do it. I have a fear that they will not take a payment plan. They will want all the money up front. That will mean I wont get the surgery at all. Fred says he can get it from his job or he knows people that can give us the money, but I do not want to owe anyone any money. We do not have $1500. I cried all day yesterday over it. Tells me that I could die without the surgery but does not realize we do not have the money to pay them. No money no tickie.

I am sorry. I am just talking. I am not expecting any help so do not take this that way. If worse comes, I will have to delay the surgery until i can save up the money. I guess I could do that in a few months.

Hoping I get a better antibiotic and some sleep tonight.

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