Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Less pain and a Hurricane

Last night before I went to sleep, my right ear was popping. That is a good sign. I have no pain in my ears or in my throat today. I am still deaf but I think the 10 days of medicine should take care of that. I have to take it twice a day.
 I am going to take it easy today. I am cleaning the dishes and going to make a simple dinner of Pasta Pomadoro for dinner. I have boneless chicken to cut into chunks to grill and I have some broccoli I will steam for on the side. If they want to dump it in their pasta, go for it. I am going to make it a simple day for myself. I do have to leave in an hour to pick them up from work and school. It is a cold and rainy one today.
Hey! Remember that Umbrella plant that I bought for like $7 at the grocery store because she was big and beautiful and I just HAD to have it. Yeah, her ass is outside in the back dying a slow death. No matter where I put it, watered it, didn't water it, re potted it, or would keep dropping leaves. Even the new leaves. I would put it someplace and wait and see. Nope.
I finally had enough of looking at the sad skeleton of death and through her outside to die. Admit it. You have done this too? I try to save plants because I love them so but this one was giving me the angries. I decided she was not to live here because she doesn't like it. That is fine. See how she likes the first snow of the season. hehehehe
 I have to actually pay attention to the weather more closely in the next few days. There is Hurricane Sandy out in the Atlantic. It could possibly impact us on coastal CT on Saturday/Sunday. Sunday is Natalie`s birthday. I hope it is just like a Nor`easter. A bunch of wind and rain and nothing else. Or it goes out to see. Having a hurricane this late in the season is really global warming-ish...isnt it?
  That will suck if it happens on her actual birthday (Sunday) because we were going to go out to eat at our favorite pizza place, Ocean Pizza. Let`s cross some fingers that the jet streams will change and push old Sandy out to sea.
 Okay, I am done here. Going to wash some cups and then watch some Supernatural.

Have a great day!

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