Monday, October 8, 2012

I am not feeling it.

  My house would have been Halloweened out by now. I have decorations, lights, and all the stuff needed to make you know it is a special holiday in this house. I put out the flag and I have one pumpkin on the front porch. I am NOT feeling it at all. With the lack of money and the brain thing, I just do not want to. What is the point? The kids are adults and we do not get any trick or treaters. It is like I am making more work for myself. It was fun when the kids were young because Halloween is ONE of my favorite days. My dad loved it and he passed that love onto me. I think I am just tainted lately. oh well.

  It is a chilly Columbus Day here in ole CT. It is only 41 deg F at 10am. My daughter`s boo is coming to stay with us from Thursday to Sunday. He is taking the train in here in town so there will be no traveling for me, thank goodness! But the house is a wreck. He is going to start becoming aquainted with the fact that I cannot clean like I used to and I do not have much help. I will pick up the big chunks, shampoo the carpets, and I want to put the winterization plastic in the livingroom to start. That way it wont be frigid in there at night. I need to buy a new heater for the livingroom (a bigger one) and we need to buy oil. That wont happen anytime soon. I have so many things on my plate. Two new tires for the Jeep first because we will be traveling back and forth to New Haven alot. Ugh!
So anyway....I am going to work on the livingroom AND I have two nice butternut squashes that I am going to turn into a nice thick soup. Love it. I think I will post the recipe on here for it. Post step by steps. I have not done that in a long time. It will keep my mind off stuff.
Yeah!  That sounds like a plan.

Off to wash dishes.

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