Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween and Samhain Blessings

I am drinking my first cup of coffee of the morning with a salted caramel creamer. Yummy! I hear buzz saws going on out in the neighborhood. People cutting up fallen branches. I cannot say it is too early for that shit cause it is almost 11am here. Ever since my CSF leaks, I have been sleeping in more.
 It is still yucky outside. The sun comes and goes. There are alot of trees down around the city. The Mayor did not cancel Halloween because he said it was not his right to do so. That is a parents right as to whether their kids should go out or not. He did say kids should be supervised because of the situation around the city with clean up. How can you cancel Halloween? It only comes on October 31. Once that day is gone, so is Halloween. You cant have it on November 7th cause it fits into your schedule. Some 1st selectman and Mayors are taking a beating for it.  I think you should leave it up to the discretion of the parents.

One of the residents of our city taped this video two hours (8pm)before the evening high tide that made this storm the clusterfuck that it became. By that time, the winds had died down quite a bit. I am not faulting the guy for bringing his kid and you shouldn't either. Where they are situated is an easy out behind them and I found out that they do not live far. I hate people that love to point out when a parent is being reckless, blah blah blah. Get the fuck over yourself! The kid is fine and he saw something that HOPEFULLY he will never see again. Damn global warming.
 On a normal day, you can sit on that wall and look down a few feet to the beach. Then the beach stretches out quite a bit. I am not good at feet and measurements. Maybe a fifty foot stretch of beach to the shore. Maybe a bit less but it was a good sized small beach. We used to go there when we joined the hospital`s beach.
 So knowing that, you can just imagine that the river is basically up to the flood wall. That is some scary shit, huh?

  I am going to not over do it but I want to clean up around here. I have three pumpkins that need carving because I want the damn seeds. LOL
 Chicken quesadillas for dinner tonight and I think I might bake some cookies. Might being the operative word. The whole house is a cluttered mess. Like i said, I cannot bend over much. It seems I am the only one that sees this shit!

I hope you all have a wonderful night. Many Samhain blessings to my Pagan friends and Happy Halloween to all you wicked ones. Send me your Tootsie Rolls! Those are my favorite!

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