Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween is coming!

I have not really decorated because I have felt so shitty. Today I realized that Halloween is coming in 9 days and Natalie`s 19th birthday will be in 7 days. She wants an ice cream cake and I will make cupcakes for those of us that want CAKE. She is getting a tattoo for her birthday present. Great Mom, huh? Shit, I wish I was getting the damn tat.
 Today I decided I am going to do a bit of decorating outside. I have some stuff I can use. I have lights. I have decor. It could look nice and understated. We decided that we are going to buy a couple bags of candy that we all like plus 5 large candy bars. If all we get are two or three kids, they will get the big bars.
 So today I will try NOT to bend over too much. I want to clean the front of the house just in case we do get trick or treaters. Plus it is gorgeous outside!
I see my surgeon on November 9th in the morning so that I can ask as many questions as I can so that I am fully informed. I do not want to go in there completely blind. I have read plenty online about how this surgery is done but what if he is doing something radically different? I want to know!
 So another trip to New Haven. No bakery this time. I have had enough for awhile. That is a treat and I am ruining by going there every time we go to New Haven lately.

Okay, gonna go out there and cut some shit down. You have a great Monday. It is a nice one out there!

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