Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Here comes the other shoe!

*I don't give a fuck!*

 I was talking with a friend about what has been going on with my inner ear/dizziness situation. I told her about two particular symptoms that I thought were weird. She yelled at me! Call the DOCTOR! So I did.
 Lately I have noticed that my pillow is a bit damp. A couple times I awoke to clear fluid pouring out of my right nostril. And the back of my throat is scratchy and I get this salty taste. Makes me think of saline. CALL THE DOCTOR. It could be a CSF leak. I am thinking it is probably not but what harm can it do to call my ENT to add this to the list. I call and the nurse calls back within the hour.
 My appointment and Cat Scan that were for October 19 have been pushed up to THIS Friday on October 5th. They did not want to delay but that was the only place they could fit me in short notice cause the Dr has surgeries.
 Could it be? I am not ready for this. Really I am not. What happened to just talking about food and being fat and my lack of exercise?
Now shit is getting real and I am scared.


  1. I hear you, sweetie! :(

    What I would like to know, is when the other shoe falls, can we throw it back? ;)

    Hang in there, I'm thinking of you. <3

  2. Thinking of you!! Keep us posted!!!

  3. I will definitely let you all know sometime on Friday.