Thursday, October 11, 2012

Exploding head and tears

I do not feel good so I will make this short. Supposedly in the fine print of our insurance contract last year, it said that we agree to take this insurance and we lose the ability to have fees from other hospitals waived. So Yale wants me to pay $1500. My good old friend at OUR benefits office said that we cannot have the waiver of the fee because we chose the insurance we chose. Some fine print bullshit there. They told me to make a payment plan or find another Dr closer. I want to kick them in the crotch is what I want to do. Not because of what they had to tell  me, but how they delivered it. You have known me for years but you are gonna treat me like joe schmo. That person will get the finger the next time I see them.
  I have not cried so hard in my life. I need this surgery ASAP and I do not have $1500. I am not borrowing it. I do not have a credit card with that much on it. And I am not doing a payment plan. They will want more a month then we can afford. So I called my neurosurgeons office (the one that did my back). They could tell I had been crying. They got me an appointment to see him this Wednesday. I called the diagnostic place in New Haven and after some faxing, they are mailing my cat scan cd to my neuro`s office tomorrow. Fred talked to his really good friend that used to work in the OR with this surgeon. He has done 1000s of craniotomies. He did a wonderful job taking care of my back so I trust him fully!
 I wish I was having it done by Dr Kveton but this is a good alternative. I hope he says he can do it.
  We have a guest staying for a couple days and I just cannot clean the house. Natalie did the bathroom downstairs but I just cant get myself to do anything. My brain is so scrambled. I have been crying. I am a mess.
 I do not even think I can cook dinner. My wish is to just go to bed.

Hopefully tomorrow I will feel much better! The saga continues.....

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