Saturday, November 3, 2012

Window Covering Day

It is chilly and it is time to cover the damn windows. I want to get it done before my surgery. Fuck the damn leaves. I told the kids they needed to do it. We shall see if that ever happens.
 Still no oil bought for the tank yet. I have to pull up the other heaters from the basement. Cover all the windows. And order oil hopefully next week. At least 50 gallons for hot water and keeping the basement warm. That sucks huh? Heating your house is a luxury. Tsk Tsk.
  Something has gotta give. On paper we should be fine. But then you add in all the extras that I keep being tricked, guilted, or begged to get. It fucking adds up. Remember how I was gonna not do extras for the kids anymore cause they are adults and they should do that on their own? It isnt really working out that way.
 I need to really be firm this time. This month I am going to really be frugal! I spent extra money on food this week because certain things were on sale. I am not going shopping next week except for a couple things that should only cost me $20-40 max.

Good News! After a whole damn year, Ruby finally knows that pooping is supposed to be done OUTSIDE! She has done it consecutively the past three days. All of a sudden it just clicked. We give her positive reinforcement so that she does it the next time. I have not picked up her deposits yet because I want her to go back and do it more.  YAY RUBY!

Okay, so my ass needs to get off the computer. It is almost 11am and all I have done is consumed some coffee and that is about it. I hope you have a warm and fruitful Saturday!

To all of those still suffering from the aftermath of H, Sandy.. (((((Big Hugs)))))

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