Sunday, November 18, 2012

Shower Sunday!

  I am up before anyone else this morning. I was tired of being in the damn bed. I know I will be back there later but I wanted to just be by myself. No Fred and no dogs. I have one thing that I found out yesterday that is really good. I am not going to have a bill to pay from this surgery after all, I think. I cannot get into specifics but it is in the hands of the union now. Someone fucked up and it wasn't just me. So I got rid of the donate button. Don't really need it. I guess if I get a bill, I will just suffer through like everyone else. It bothered me anyway. I hope that any bill that I get is rectified in some way. This will be our last chance on this old insurance to have it like it was back in the day, after the new year we have new insurance and it sucks major stinky ass. I havent really even talked about it and I really don't want to anyway right now.
  I get to take a shower and wash my hair today!!! YES YES YES! I cannot scrub near my incision. I really need to wash my hair and attend to a problem.

The new fashion craze of 2013
I had to wear that cup over my ear and it was strapped across my face with velcro. Strong velcro. Kind of like a cockeyed jock strap. It protected my ear and it collected the blood and fluid that was coming out that first night. When it was first put on me while I was under, they fucked up. They velcroed my hair into the strap! This poor nurse had to try to gingerly get my hair out of the strap so she could check my ear. I told her she could do what she had to do. It wasn't her fault. Well, she got it out. So I have this big piece of hair that is a sad excuse for a velcro dread lock. I will see if I can save it but i am thinking I may just have to cut it off and call it a casualty of the surgery.
 I was so miserable and in so much pain in this picture. I couldn't even smile if I tried. I am much better now.
  I do have moments of waves of nausea but they are few and far between. My ear and stitches hurt but like a 2-3 on the pain scale. I just take Motrin for it. The antibiotics and pain killers fucked up my gut so the constipation train is slow moving. That is all I have to say about that. My inner ear itches like a mother sometimes. I am a good girl and do not itch. I kind of rub the top of my ear to give it some kind of relief. That shit needs to end because it can drive me bonkers.
 There is still leakage from behind my ear which is weird to me. All of a sudden I will feel something run down my neck. It is bloody but not blood per say. My taste buds are still off but not as bad as the past two days. Every time Fred brought me a cup of coffee, I taste it and internally say YUCK! It just tasted nasty. I was told this could happen and it is a temporary thing. Usually the side of your tongue where the operation happened may become dulled to taste for a few weeks or months. It is not oh so bad. It is not like I cannot taste anything at all.  I did make a pot of coffee this morning. It tastes different but not as bad as days before, so I am guessing it is getting better. I had to make it myself and pour it. If my coffee tasted like shit to me, that it truly was my tongue. I am such a weirdo sometimes.

  I wish I could get back on the saddle of doing stuff but I know I cant right now. I thought I would be 100% by Monday but that isn't going to happen. I can tell from today that I wont be. I was thinking of making egg rolls for dinner tonight. I will roll them and Fred can cook them. I am not even going to attempt to drive until the middle of the week. I have to find out if we get paid early this week because of the holiday. I never remember that.
 So yeah...I am doing better then I even expected. I know that I will be cooking for Thanksgiving just not majorly doing it because I cannot go busting my stitches. Oh yeah, forgot to mention. Fred caught a cold from someone at the hospital! Like he is in the bed with the sore throat and everything. I am good. I am on heavy duty antibiotics. I am like covered in germ free Teflon. He has been trying to take care of me but he is sick. So I am NOT OVER DOING IT, but I am going to defrost for dinner and wash a few dishes. Make life a bit easier for him today.

I wish I had the energy to make breakfast. I could really go for some bacon right about now.

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