Monday, November 12, 2012

I completely forgot!

That looks good!
I am sorry to those that have been waiting to hear what happened at my appointment. I thought I had told everyone and last night I realized that I had not posted on here.

  I went to see my ENT on Friday to find out what was going to go on with my surgery. I had so many questions. He is not going to do the Middle fossa approach that I thought (shaving head, titanium plates). He is going in through the right mastoid. That is the bony portion in the back of your ear near your lobe. He will cut an incision down the length of the back of my ear and do microscopic like surgery to seal up the defects in the mastoid area. He did say that if he finds I have more extensive defects or later on after I have healed and I am still leaking..I will have to have the scarier approach. He has great success with the mastoid way of doing it and I am glad. I will have to stay over one night because they have to make sure my brain has not swelled. They are going to give me a private room so that Fred can stay with me in the room. Yay!
 I do not know what time my surgery is on Wednesday yet. They will call me tomorrow afternoon and give me a recording of the time. My Dr likes to do his surgeries in the morning, so I see us getting up uber early for this.
    But this is great news! Instead of recouping for a month, I will be better in a week! Now, I have to remember that I could wake up with half my hair gone and a plate in my head. It is all in what he finds when he goes in there. That would require me to stay in the hospital for a few days instead of one. So let`s hope that I have extremely good luck and that the easiest surgery is the one for me. If you do not hear from me in more than a couple days, assume that I had the ickier surgery.

  This surgery couldnt have come at a better time though. I usually will leak fluid every other day and only a drip or two out of my nose. Mostly coming out of the back of my throat. Well, I went grocery shopping on Saturday. I did not over do anything. I did like I always do. I picked up a few things, got my free ham, also picked up supplies for dinner that night. I went to two grocery stores but the amount of food I bought was like one trip to the store. Minimal. After I left the Spanish grocery, I noticed my nose was dripping. It is not cold out and I do not have any sinus issues, so I knew it was the CSF. It did not stop though. It just kept dripping. It stopped once I got home but I had to get dinner in the crock pot cause Natalie`s beau was coming to visit overnight. I could feel the fluid dripping down my throat. When I finally relaxed in my room, I was still dripping. Now, it wasn't like I needed to go to the ER or anything but it freaked me out. That is the most that has ever happened to me in one day.
I wake up on Sunday. Same thing. So I am on a self imposed bed rest sort of. Right now I am making lists for Fred and Natalie and writing to you all while I get my coffee on. Tonight will be a simple dinner of breakfast. Waffles, bacon, potatoes, and eggs. I will have help cooking this.
  So basically this surgery has come at the right time. I am leaking like a damn sieve and it scares me. I hope that this fixes it and I do not have anymore troubles with this. I will have to be vigilant in letting him know if I have any leaks coming out of my nose, ear, or down my throat. I always end up with the rarest version of shit and it is always the scariest. WTF!
  I could be up and feeling better in a few days after surgery. I will not do any lifting like to put stuff in the oven. Fred will be cooking Thanksgiving dinner.
Oh! Did I tell you my microwave shit the bed? Yup, now I have to get a new one. SMH. I might just give Fred the money and have him find a new one.
 I think that is about it. I cannot think of anything else to add. Hmmm. I have my surgery on Wednesday and come home on Thursday. I might post something short on Friday if I am not drugged to the maximum.
Wish me luck!


  1. I am just so glad that Fred will be there with you.

    I know I have been busy, but, it doesn't mean that I have stopped thinking of you. I think of you every day, and wish you well.