Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I used to love dates and figs on Thanksgiving

I do not know what time tomorrow I have to go in for my surgery. I will find this out this afternoon at 3pm. Wish me all the luck and cross your fingers and pray for the best outcome. I have to go and pay the cable bill and take Natalie to school this morning.
 My nose is dripping but these are the only things I am gonna do today, hopefully. I may be pushed into making dinner but I am hoping not to. We shall see.

I called up to find out what time I had to be in because it was driving me insane and I had to KNOW. You know when you get like that. Something as simple as waiting for the time of my surgery had to be known NOW. I called and got a nice woman who obliged the crazy lady on the other end. My surgery is at 12:30pm tomorrow afternoon. I have to be at Yale by 11am. We will leave a few before 10am. That gives me time to get gas, get scripts at the pharmacy, and reboost our cell phones. I was worried I was going to have to do some of that shit around 5am but nope, I have time. The only suckage is having to go all that time with no coffee, no water, and nothing to eat! That is going to royally suck. 
 I have spaghetti sauce with sweet italian sausage and meatballs in the crockpot cooking. Spaghetti for dinner! Woot!
 Now I am going to go, drink my pepsi, play my games and try to forget about tomorrow.


  1. I am home. I will update tomorrow.

  2. Sending thoughts and prayers your way. I'm not on here much anymore, but I will stop in and check on you. Hope you're feeling well!

    1. Nice to see you Trish. Hope all is fine with you. Thanks for stopping. I am healing well