Thursday, November 8, 2012

Early First Snow

It snowed yesterday.  Here on the coast it only stuck to the grass and cars. It was pretty and nice to see for the first time. I never hate on a first snow. Some parts of the state (upper half) got wholloped. Like more than a foot of snow in some places. That has got to truly suck for the first snow. I am hoping that this winter was like last winter. Nice and global warming like. I know that is a sick thing to say but a mild winter costs less for us. It is going to be in the 60s this weekend and back to the 50s next week. Perfect weather.  Just cold enough for a light jacket.
     I have my surgery on my head in six days from today. My question appointment and my pre-op appointments are tomorrow morning.  I am nervous. I have many things to do to keep my mind occupied though. I have three more windows to cover today and then I am done. I have all my questions written down, my paperwork in my purse, and anything else I can think of. I am going to drink plenty of water today so that they do not have an issue with getting blood. I wish that I did not have these stupid leaks. I really wish this was just a big nightmare that I am going to wake up from at any moment. Onward and Upward is all I can say!
    Tomorrow I have to pick up my freebie at the grocery store. If you spend $400 in a specific time allotted, you get to choose a bunch of things. Up to a 21 lb frozen whole turkey, 10lb average hotel turkey breast, or a big assed ham on the bone. There are other things to choose like a kosher chicken, a big Stoffers vegetarian lasagna or a Tofurky. Yeah, no.
 We are trying to decide if we get the hotel turkey breast or the ham. I told them to get the ham because there is gonna be a shortage and we can cook it for Christmas. We can have roasted chickens for Thanksgiving. Nobody but me likes turkey so what is the sense. They are all trying to be nice to me. They say turkey is fine. We can have that. I will let them feel guilty. hehehe I can go downtown to a local chicken shop and get a nice turkey dinner any time I want.  Ham or turkey?

    Fred and I are going out to dinner with a friend of his from work. It seems that since this surgery came about, everyone wants to meet me or see me. It scares me sometimes. Why now all of a sudden? It is okay..I like going out to dinner. We are going to Vietnamese place across the bridge to have beef pho bowls. Really really BIG bowls of soup. We never finish but oh we try so hard. I think if we were younger, we could do it.  The great thing about this place is Fred and I can get two big bowls of soup, and some ice waters and the bill is less than $20. If we get drinks, it is about $25 (not including tip). We get to still enjoy eating out like we used to but not at the same level anymore.
 Spending $60 on dinner was nothing for us back when money was good. Now we save that for January. As you know, we go out to eat in January at one of the casinos to celebrate our birthdays and anniversary. Next year it will be 44 for me, 47 for him, and 20 years I did not realize that! We will have been together 27 years in February.  Wow. 20 years married. That is a biggie, right? Traditional gift is China. Modern gift is Platinum. Yeah, well Fred and I do not have it to get either one. Wow. I need to think about this. You realize I just realized it is going to be 20 years..just now as I am writing this? I have to get him a special gift. Since we are not giving on Christmas, I can make it something good. :)

 I got to get moving here. I have three windows to cover today and I am a major slo poke. If you have drafty windows, think about putting up plastic window covers. It is not hard and all you need is the kit, scissors, step stool, and a hair dryer. It really makes a difference in the drafts. And you can put that seal strips stuff around the window cracks and around the doors too.

Have a great Thursday!


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