Thursday, November 8, 2012


I am posting a before picture of my hair before it gets cut for the surgery. I got a call today from the ENT office today. They wanted to tell me that having the surgery at Yale was going to be a big out of pocket expense for me because it was out of network. I already knew that but I thought my medicare would make a difference with my insurance. I guess it did not. She said when it is all said and done, I could end up owing $2500! $1000 more than they said before! She was acting stupid when I said I wanted to make payment arrangements. I cant be bothered by this right now. I am supposed to go tomorrow to find out if I can have the surgery and now all I think about it that I will eventually owe them like $5000 when I get both sides done. That is another fucking car payment! We do not have that!  Ugh! I hate corporate shit. I cant think about it. When I stress out, the pressure in my head gets worse.

Okay, I promised a picture. Go ahead and laugh. I dont really give a fuck. I dislike that it is a bathroom photo but what you gonna do. That is how long it is in the front and it hits the small of my back from behind. I need a trim! I guess that will happen after the surgery. If I can afford it.

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