Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pie making day

Yum! That looks appetizing! NOT

 I am feeling well enough today to get some Thanksgiving kitchen drudgery out of the way. I kid. I like prepping and cooking especially for the holidays. We aren't having a turkey but we are still going to have a feast of food.
 I have given up some of the things that were served on my Mom`s turkey day table because nobody else was eating them. We always had a pickle plate with pickles and olives. Dates and figs. Bowls of nuts to crack. I just don't do those things anymore because no one eats them.
  Today I finally stamped down in my head what we are having, even though it is considered Un-Thanksgiving in our house. Large roasted chicken, Lasagna,  mashed garlic potatoes, my Mom`s sausage stuffing, green bean casserole,cranberry sauce plopped out of a can,  brown and serve rolls (they are like crack to me), deviled eggs, roasted pumpkin seeds, Marie Calendar Berry pie, and a home made pumpkin pie with cool wHip. The lasagna will not be huge. But big enough to feed us for more then one day.
  Our Thanksgivings are very laid back. We do not go anywhere because some years, Hubs has to work. He has this one off but I am still healing.
So that is about it.
 I am happy and thankful for one thing today. Hubs place of work has been laying off non essential employees. Hubs works with the president of the union. He found out today that there will be more lay offs in January but their department is safe. Phew! Thank you baby Jesus!

I hope you have a great time cooking or traveling to your destination today. I am going to finish my pb toast and start on the hard boiling of some eggs.

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