Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Homemade gift ideas for 2012

We have one of those typewriters but it is powder blue. It still works but alas it  needs a new ribbon. I must remember to order it online sometime soon. Chelsea has her new/vintage manual typewriter from the 1940s. She is satisfied for now.

   I figured out what Fred and I (really just me) are going to make for our gifts for Xmas. I was racking my brain cause I could not think of anything right off the bat except shit that took alot of time. I found a couple good websites that gave me some great ideas. I figured I would share them with you if you wanted to make a gift or two for friends and family. I looked at so many sites for ideas and the one site that gave me what I was looking for was Crunchy Betty. There are gift ideas for kids, the man in your life and all your girls. After looking and deciding, Fred and I decided that making a sugar scrub for the girls and a salt scrub for the guys was a good one. So I will make the scrubs. I have a few essential oils here already that we have collected over the past year or so. Lavender, Lemon, Lemon Verbena, Orange, Peppermint, and Vanilla. I am hoping to buy a Sandalwood when I go to the co-op this week. That is a nice guy smell. Fred wants Lemon. I turned him on to the smell from all the Lemon lotions I have.  There is also a recipe for making bath salts. I might do both for the girls. So the can soak and scrub in the same smell. I need to buy jars and supplies.
   Another place that I found some good gift ideas was at Martha Stewart. There are a bunch of ideas for men. You just fly thru the pictures and you can click on what you would like to do. We chose the popcorn tins. One is Macadamia butter crunch and the other is Chocolate Almond. We are making that for everybody. Everyone loves popcorn and nuts. Tins can be bought at the $1 store and I just need some thick card stock to separate the popcorns in the tin. Cool idea huh? The popcorn recipe is not hard at all.

 The last gift I found just recently. Someone posted this idea on Facebook, I followed the link and decided that was for me. Paper stars that you can hang. They are supposed to be just for Xmas but I think they will like them all year long in their rooms. The site is called All you need is some origami paper, glue, pencil, scissors, and some string for hanging. That is it!  I was thinking of sharing this with Natalie so she has a second gift to give everyone. I want yellow ones for the upstairs bathroom.

  The snow was minimal yesterday. It is too warm here on the shoreline right now so we got another dusting on the cars and on the grass. It is not as cold as it was yesterday, thank goodness. I hated it yesterday! Today I am hoping I win the Powerball ($500 million right now) or even a small portion would be nice. I am going to do laundry. And I am going to do one of these paper stars to show Natalie. See what she thinks.
Dinner will probably be the Tombstone pizzas I got on sale last week. I dont usually buy them that often but when they sell for only $2 a piece, you gotta get it. I will put them on my pizza stone. It will be like eating a real pizza!

Happy Hump Day!

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