Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Where is the sun?


Another dreary and cool day weather wise here in Ole CT. Yesterday I received a pleasant surprise. A neighbor above us brought me some veggie and herb plants that she could not use. I kind of knew about them. They were bought for her work program with kids to have them build planter boxes. She had left over plants but she had to wait till she had the okay to get rid.
4 lemon boy tomatoes, 2 lavender, 2 rosemary, 3 chive, 2 peppers, and 2 cilantro. I have a friend that could use in this bounty so I am giving her 1 of each except for the peppers, lavender, and chive. I would not know where to put it all so I feel good about giving.

So after I drop off plants, I need to get to the store and pick up animal food, and potting soil. Oh and some cheese. I am making chicken quesadillas for dinner. I do not feel that great today. I ran out of my acid reflux pill on Monday and I cannot pick up the new script until Friday. Oh so I suffer. But it is okay. I will survive. That is why this post is so scattered. I have no direction cause my ass does not feel well.
 I did go out in the yard and plant some of my bounty. The chives are in my chive pot on the patio, the lavender is out front, and the rosemary is on the side of the house. I will plant the tomatoes when I get the dirt later on this morning. .

That is all. Hopefully I feel better as the day goes on.

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