Tuesday, June 5, 2012



Today is June 5, 2012 and it is 56 deg F outside right now at 12:30pm. Last night, Fred closed all the windows. They are still closed. They should have been closed the other night but we were too lazy and just threw covers over us. I am enjoying it but it is just weird. The garden is loving it. I went to check on it and everything is growing nicely. I have to grab some cages, my pepper plants, and a stray tomato that I have not planted and take them to the garden today or tomorrow to plant. I think I have some room. I will save a couple peppers to plant here at the house.
 I had to wear a jacket yesterday evening. A Jacket. In Connecticut. In June.

I think I will make chili in the crock pot today for dinner for Fred and I, and burgers for Natalie. I will definitely make chili. I just checked and I have all the ingredients.
Yeah, nice hot chili for a cold summer day!

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