Friday, June 8, 2012

Off to the Poor House


A poorhouse or workhouse was a government-run facility in the past for the support and housing of dependent or needy persons, typically run by a local government entity such as a county or municipality.
In England, Wales and Ireland (but not in Scotland) a poorhouse was more commonly known as a workhouse. In early Victorian times (see Poor Law), poverty was seen as a dishonorable state caused by a lack of the moral virtue of industriousness (or industry as it was called). As was depicted by Charles Dickens, a workhouse could resemble a reformatory and house children, either with families or alone, or a penal labor regime to give the poor work at manual labor and subject them to physical punishment. As the 19th century progressed, conditions improved.

There were actual poor houses that you could be sent to if you were destitute. "Please sir, can I have some more?"

I am not destitute but I am tired of teetering on poor. I ordered fuel oil to be delivered today. 115 gallons will cost me $356. We have a 200 gallon tank. I cannot even afford to fill it. There was a time when we had automatic fill. They would come when we needed it. It is like they knew. And we did not cancel it because we couldn't afford it. We could always afford it. Not anymore. Now we have to be frugal with the heat and hot water. Plan ahead to pay for it. Hope to god what we have in the tank will not run empty before they come deliver!
We are at that point right now. Waiting for the delivery. It is near E on the tank but not all the way to the bottom of E. So I think we are okay for now. They are coming after 10am. If it runs E, you have to pay extra for them to run oil through the furnace to get it running again. I do not have extra for that. If I did have to do that, I would not have grocery money. It is a fucked up beginning of the month, that is all. I do not get paid until next week but Fred`s medicine was due and phone had to be topped up. Stuff that I pay for when I get paid. It will be okay. We will be fine

Crossing fingers and hope that Poor house thing does not get close to me.

Today is Friday and I usually do not post on Friday cause I am busy. This morning I am at a standstill because of the oil delivery. No one else will do it (fuckers) so I have to sit here with my coffee and wait for the delivery guy to bring me my oil. Then I will put gas in the car and do some grocery shopping. Small amounts of it too. 
 It is a beautiful day out there this morning. Feels like a nice cool beach day. It is also the last day of school for NL. So kids will be running around with nothing to do until September. I used to take the kids to the beach in the morning until lunch time, bring home and have lunch, shower, and nap. Then they would get up and hang out until dinnertime. I had a schedule. We had free for all days but I tried to get them out to the beach almost every morning. They were brown like berries by the end of the season. They loved it. I loved it. That is how I spent my summers here on the shore.
Ahh! Nostalgia. I think I am getting this way because I found out that my elementary school (Harbor) will be closing at the end of the next school year in 2013. Very sad. I know things like this happen but it is still sad that the school I went to from K-6 will no longer be running. And all those teachers will be out of jobs.

See what happens when I have nothing to do on a Friday? I babble. I went and met my friend D at the bus stop at the end of the street. She was picking up a neighbors kids and I was bring her a sweet pepper plant to plant in her yard. She is a really nice person that has had some rough shit happen in her life recently. She needs love and good people. She is really learning who her friends are.

Okay, let me wrap this shit up. I will be back tomorrow...Have a nice TGIF!


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    1. Yeah, at 4pm. I never went shopping. But I took a nice long hot bath! It was worth it.