Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Punch in the Kidneys

I miss A&P

  I was looking for a vintage picture of like kidney pie for some stupid reason and couldn't. So I settled on this old recipe page from the A&P grocery store.  We love beans in this house.

  Did I mention Fred was having issues with his right kidney?

  I do not remember. Anyway, they think it could be a kidney stone or a kidney infection. He had an xray on Friday and today he had an ultrasound of kidney and bladder. He is not having sharp *kill me now* pain like everyone has said will happen. It is a dull, constant  pain in his flank. Today he says it feels burning. The Cipro seemed to be doing the trick but then maybe not. He is out of work until Friday. So we shall see how this develops. He has super duper big Vicodin so if it turns out to be a stone, he is ready for it!
   Yesterday we started low carb eating and it was a bit rough! By the end of the day I was looking for anything cause I was feeling like mega shit. But I survived.  My blood sugars are phenomenal! They were normal all day yesterday. I did not take my night time insulin shot. Let me see what my blood sugar is and I am also going to make an ice coffee. Entertain yourself for a moment.........It was 157. Normal should be between 70-110. Now that is a smidge high but we had a fruit salad with our lunch today.  Country scramble with eggs, fresh dill, kielbasa, red onion and cheddar cheese. Banana, mango and strawberry salad. Like I said before, I want to go low carb but we are not following that shit to the letter. I followed Atkins last time and we both thought we were going to fucking die! Not enough food to sustain us. I think that is why it did not last. If I can cut junk, potatoes, and most breads out of my life, I will be good. When I say most, there will come times when I will be faced with wanting to eat some bread. I will cross that bridge and be smart.  We like fruit and it is a good add on to meals when we do not want veg salad. The night time killed me. We shall see if tonight is any better.
Beef tacos for tonight! I have corn tortillas for Fred and I. Only 27 carbs per 2 tortillas. I am going to bake some of the corn tortillas into chips and use them for a taco salad. Fred has the choice of doing the salad or just putting the food in the folded tortilla.
  In the never ending saga of my fucked up health, I think I cracked a tooth. It is the upper left third tooth (from the big front tooth). Occasionally when I drink or eat something, I get a sharp pain from it. Not all the time. I do not have any money to pay my dental co-pay this week but I will next week. I am going to call up and get this shit fixed before it becomes an issue. One of the things diabetics have to deal with later on in the disease are tooth issues. If you can keep your sugars in the normal range then you are good. Ruby chewed up my night guard (retainer) that the dentist made so I have been using a store one. It is not good. I need to have a new one made. It is gonna cost me. It is not covered by insurance.
 Now I am eating a small amount of roasted almonds and 6 sugar snap peas. I will graze all day on healthy.
This shit better work this time!

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