Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father`s day to all the Dads and single Moms out there!

It has been an interesting week and this is why I have not posted anything. I have an article to write for my friend for the gazette but my ass did not wake up till like noon. I will do it in the morning. Yesterday I took Fred to get his Father`s Day gift which was a tattoo. First we went to lunch to have pizza with Natalie. He was hungry. We had a prosciutto, gorgonzola, fig chutney, and pear pizza. It actually tasted good. I was scared of the pear chunks at first but then I just dived in. Good.
 This is what he got on his arm. The NL that is the symbol of our city. He likes it. Later on, he can come back and get some more stuff added to it as he thinks about it. His last tattoo on his other arm is like 18 years old so we had to teach him all the aftercare for it. Raymond left to go to Virginia for a week to visit his Mom. Then Fred and I went to Mohegan Sun casino. I just wanted to go. I kept winning on the machines and giving him the money. When it was all said and done...We both gambled for 3 hours, ate at Johnny Rockets, I bought Natalie an eyeliner at Sephora ($20), and coffees for later..Because of my winning money and what I had to start off with..We only spent $10. Pretty cool, huh? We got home at like 1am and I did not get to sleep till 2am.
I am a bit tired.

  Today he is being lazy but first he went with me to the Dunkin Donuts, then I watered at the garden, and then the grocery store. I am making his chicken wing recipe, potato salad, left over pork ribs, and I have collard greens to shred, I have the broth cooking on the stove right now. That takes over an hour. Then I will wash all the damn dishes and start on cleaning the greens, making the salad, etc. Oh, he wants a tossed salad also. So it is going to be a big feast today. He deserves it. He did alot over the years to make this family run. He should get one damn day of relaxation and food!

Okay, gotta go. I really do  have a mountainous amount of shit to accomplish.

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