Monday, June 18, 2012

The start of a new beginning

Nuts will be my friend!

 Today is low carb life day. Fred and I are doing a modified version of South Beach and Atkins. We are going to not eat any whites (white bread, potato, rice, etc), no vegs or fruits that are a high carb count, and no junk food.
We will still eat fruit but not in abundance. We will still drink coffee and tea. I have decided to lower my soda consumption to a couple 8 oz glasses a day if that. Lots of water! Metamucil every evening before dinner.
 I am going to still put sugar in my coffee. The artificial sweeteners give me a bad headache. I only drink 1-2 cups of coffee a day and I use 1 tsp of sugar in each so it is not a huge amount. I just want it to be known that we are not *cheating* because this is not a diet. We both want to live longer and we know we can lose the guts with losing the whites. I have accumulated nuts on sale this past couple weeks so we will have those to snack on in the evening.
Lunch for today is kielbasa and eggs with a side salad. I have not figured out dinner yet but we have plenty of meat so it will be something good. I have collard greens that I made yesterday so that will be our dinner veg. I have to dive into recipes to find things to cook that will satisfy us in the beginning. Getting over wheat/whites can be very hard in the first week or two. You feel like you are starving because there is none of those heavy carbs for your body to process. I have to also watch my insulin intake. I do not have to take the meal shots at all if there is no carbs in the meal. I may have to break the rules at first if my blood sugar goes too low. But I will get the hang of it eventually.

Wish us luck on this new/old adventure!