Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ahh! A breeze

Perennial Sweet Peas

   It has been breezy and nice and that is why my ass has not posted. I have been out and about in the nice weather! I picked those sweet peas yesterday. They grow up the front porch. I like to pick the little bouquets and have them in the bathroom. Pretty soon I will be picking some hydrangea from the top yard. I am done flouncing about outside trying to even out my farmer`s tan.  It is going to get hot in the next couple days so I decided to stay in and get shit done. I want to make some strawberry jam today and clean out the food pantry. I said I was going to do it yesterday but Fred has been home and he can get me easily distracted.
  We did not survive the low carb diet so we are trying again. I am such a quitter. I could quit smoking but I cannot quit the damn bad carbs. What is up with that?
We have been eating healthier AND I stayed away from the fries that I made for the kids. Last night I made baked panko tilapia, breaded mushrooms, and sweet potato fries. I had one piece of fish and some mushrooms. Later on came and I was starving. It is the starving part that gets me.
 I need more food to combat the fact that I am not eating hardly any carbs. I am going to start again today. One day it will fucking stick. I am not giving up.
  I have to make a decision. Every month $41 is taken out of the account to pay for three gym memberships. Nobody goes to the fucking gym. I just had to pay an additional $30 for my yearly maintenance fee on my membership! I do not ever go! I mean like never ever go. It is not expensive to join and it is only $10 a month for each of theirs and $20 for mine. I want to cancel them all. That will be an extra $41 a month in the budget. If they ever want to sign up again, they can.
So I need to think..Should I do it?
Unfortunately because the memberships are in their names, I have to take them to the place and they have to cancel it. I cannot do it!! So it will be a big cluster fuck of them saying, *why dont we go?* *Let`s try it again!*
No! You all (including me) have not been going for over a year! And in all that time I have been paying $41 a month. I am done. Go take a walk! Do the exercise games we have in the house.
It is like I am yelling at myself, huh?

Anyway...I am going to get going. I have another cup of coffee to drink and then much to do before the heat comes back to render me useless.

Until next time......


  1. So beautiful! I've never heard of perennial sweet peas. Sweet peas are my dad's favourite. :)

  2. I searched for years and was lucky to find them. I have had them maybe 5 yrs now.
    Oh, I did the jam but not the pantry.

  3. Carbs are a bitch. I remember when I first went on The South Beach and after a week the carb cravings quit and I never wanted to eat. That first week was awful though. Stick with it. Soon enough you'll be through the addiction and you'll be anorexic.

  4. Carbs are a bitch. Some people can handle them and some people just cannot and should not have them.
    They are like fat people`s heroin.