Wednesday, June 13, 2012

More effin rain

We need some sun and heat, dammit! My tomatoes are very unhappy. Everything else is growing like gangbusters but not the tomatoes. They are having too much rain. I know what is going to happen. The fruits are going to have bottom rot. Pisses me off!

The plants are doing well despite the lack of lots of sun like last year. I am hoping for a bumper crop of brussel sprouts. I was unsuccessful with them last year. The plants did not even take off at all. This year..well they are the ones in the top picture right next to the mustard greens (yellow) and next to them is kale. On the other side of the greens are cucumbers. And I have that big old sunflower that sprouted on it`s own from the garden. I decided to leave it. Yesterday I went and planted a couple basil plants and my sweet pepper plant. The basil are getting eaten by something here at the house (bug) and I want basil so I brought it to the garden. I have really stuffed the fuck out of those boxes. It will come to the point I wont have to weed at all because they will be crowded out.
This year I did cucumbers and I have not done them in a very long time. The green caterpillar bugs that like to eat them, freaked me out a bit back then, Where the fuck did you come from and why are you in my yard?
I am not as squeamish as I used to be.
Today I am going out and buying a carpet steam cleaner. We always rented because we only needed to use it every few months. But now that we have Ruby and she is being a beast to housebreak, I need to carpet clean more often. So it is cost effective to just buy one. I have narrowed down to a Bissel. I will go to a couple places today to get the best price.
We are also going to go to BJs wholesale and buy our monthly meat supply. Oh so much cheaper then the grocery store.
Hope you have some sun shining on you today. I will be dodging rain drops the whole time.

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