Sunday, June 24, 2012

Need to get my swim on

 Janice Dickinson circa 1978

  It has cooled off considerably and I think I want to go swimming one day soon. If you have never swam in the ocean, try to do that once in your life. Now, the beaches in my area do not have the actual Atlantic Ocean in front of them. It is a very large river that empties out into Long Island Sound. I live near the tip of the Sound where it empties out into the Atlantic. The water is salty and cold. As the days get warmer, you have to deal with jelly fish. Hopefully I will get some swim time in before that happens. Once the jellies take over, you might as well find a pool someplace cause you are not going to want to swim in that!
You can sometimes find yourself swimming along with striper bass fish and bait type fish. And I am talking like right near the shoreline. Water only up to your knees. They do not care about you and there are not a ton of them to make you feel like you are swimming in a school or anything. Freaks people out that have never experienced it but you get used to it.
 I have swam in the ocean my entire life. When it was summertime, unless it was raining, you went to the beach every day. I think it is because Mom could get a tan and you got tired out. I used to do the same thing with the girls.
We would go to the beach around 8-9am and stay till noon-1pm. Then go home, have lunch, and take a nap. Or we would go to the beach after 2pm and stay for a couple hours. I did not like being in the strong sun of the day. I never liked to be at the beach all frigging day. Fuck! You eat there and get sand in your food. It is a draining experience and I avoid it at all costs. A couple hours tops and I am out of there.

Yup, I think I need to get some salt water swimming into my calendar soon!

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