Sunday, June 3, 2012

I went Boom!

Why, yes. Yes, it does!

Yesterday morning I fell down/on the stairs. It had been raining all night and it was humid. The stairs are old and wood. They became slick. I did not take my shoes off like I normally do when this happens. I was carrying Lu and Perla and my cellphone. I was near the bottom thank goodness. I basically went up and slammed down on a stair. Lu flew and landed at the bottom on her feet. My phone broke apart (but it is fine) and Perla landed in my lap and stared at me like "What the fuck just happened?"
Ruby was behind us all wondering when we are gonna move.
Nobody heard a thing. Fred was not home and both the girls were in their rooms. Very comforting.
I have a bruise on my back by my rib cage. I have another on my right hip and that hurts like fucking hell. My right above ankle, my right arm, my left hand, and the lower mid of my back are all hurting. Oh and my neck too but I think that was from flinching. I have bruises everywhere. The dogs and my phone...Not a scratch.

I am going to take it easy today because I have to. It hurts to bend over and even to sit or get up. It sucks being old.
I did make sure that I had Pinesol, hot water, scrubby, and paper towels and I scrubbed the slick off those stairs. All better. I know better then that. We all do. I was over tired and just did not pay attention.

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