Thursday, June 21, 2012

ThunderShirt, Carbs and effin HOT!


I am going to hopefully by one of these before the end of this month for Ruby. If it works for her, I will buy one for Lu and Perla too. They will be calmer and Ruby will hopefully stop destroying my house.
You can find them online if you want to get one for your dog. They are $40 a piece. And they have a money back guarantee so if it doesn't work, you can return it for a refund. I think that is a good thing. I hope it fucking works. I want to get a couple newer love seats and or a chair for the living room but I will not do it until I can calm her wild stallion ass down. She has major separation anxiety when it comes to ME. Everyone else can be home but if I am not, she goes apeshit. Wish me luck with that.

  Low carb eating is going well. I had a small bump today. My friend sent a box of Voodoo Donuts from the other side of the US. I had to eat one to say that I did. It was a jelly filled vooddoo doll. It was good and it was worth it. Back to what I have been doing.
Seriously, I have been sticking with the plan, man. Two meals, one protein shake, and two healthy snacks a day. My sugars have been wonderful! I have not noticed any weight loss but it is too early. I have been drinking alot of water and more salt in my system to stave off the headaches from losing electrolytes.
It is hot as a good fuck out there today (and yesterday). Like a miniature heat wave. So I am going to grill some marinated boneless chicken breasts on the grill and I am making a very big salad. Lettuce, tomato, cukes, red onions. broccoli, bacon, blue cheese, radishes and a nice dressing. The perfect low carb dinner.
I am off now to go finish the dishes.
Hope you all are staying cool.


  1. It's so miserably damn hot. You're a good wife to cook like that.

    1. I am an idiot! That is what I am. Ha! It is less humid and hot today. AC isnt even on. I might have to turn it on later on this morning but right now, fan is good