Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cat Days of Summer

Oliver likes FRESH water

  Every morning and afternoon there is a fresh bowl of water put out in the kitchen. Every couple days, the bowl is washed. But Oliver likes fresh fresh water. Whenever you flush the toilet, he hangs from it, legs dangling, and drinks the sweet nectar of the ass gods.He is my sweet stripey weirdo.

 A warm up is coming in the next few days. We had a bunch of rain a couple days ago but I feel I need to go to the community garden to water and see how everything is growing. My beets and carrots are getting big. Well, the stalks of greenery above the ground a big. I am going to try to be patient and not pick too early. I get impatient with under ground veggies and I pull up too soon. I want to see if I can grow some really large beets this year.
 The neighbor next door has two very tall pine trees on our side of his property. He had one cut down and the other severely trimmed. He said the cut down one cost him $1400 and that was the cheapest he could find. The highest was $4000! For ONE TREE! He is going to have the other one cut down at the end of July. The pine needles are a hazard and a mess to clean up for this side of the neighborhood. I am happy. More sun too.
  Dealing with a lot more bugs this year. The animals have their fleas which I am battling. Plus I have seen some moths flying around. I always have most of my foods in plastic containers for safety in this arena but I have been lax over the years. We have a bad infestation one of the first years we lived here. I had to toss everything out of the pantry. I learned. Flours and grains go in containers. Beans too. I have small mesh packages that I made up with cloves and bay leaves. I crush them and throw them in the cabinets on each shelf. I think it is because we had such a mild winter. I will eradicate if I am getting some of those bastards in the food.
 Lots more little flying gnats but not gnats around too. Mostly outside. You will see one or two in the house. I do not go out at night unless I have sprayed down with deet. Fuck that! I attract every mosquito on the street. It is like I am a special cut of meat.

  I did the strawberry jam yesterday so today it is the pantry. Lots of cleaning. I need to get doing that now before it gets hot.
Have a nice Thursday!


  1. "drinks the sweet nectar of the ass gods." HAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. I painted my toenails, watered the garden and watched True Blood season 1 episode 5,6,and7. I am lazy and tired.
    Too much on my plate, I reckon.

  3. I had an odd-eyed white that refused to drink from 'his' water bowl. He would drink your water from your glass if you had some. Other than that he would drink the toilet water. Plus, the toilet had to be spotless or he would sit in front of it and stare at you until you cleaned it. He was kind of fastidious that way.