Sunday, January 22, 2012

White Sunday

Audrey on the slopes

I woke up at 6am for no real reason. I have sauce cooking on the stove for Fred and his friend to eat while they watch football today. We got about 8 inches of snow yesterday. I shoveled out the whole front area of the house for myself. Fred has this notion that now he is turning 46 (next week) that he does not have to shovel anymore. Since I am younger, it is my job. Fucking A. 
 I am in a funky mood today. The house is it`s usually cluttered fucked up mess and no help, as usual. I want to just crawl in bed and watch Netflix  all day.
My period is coming. Just ignore my insolent ass. I have noticed as I have been getting into my 40s that I have become more hormonal. I dont like it! Usually I want some chocolate and the next day I get my period. No screaming. No crying. No depressive moods. Now I am swinging in the wind over here. I am pissed that there is dust under the tv.
Let me clarify something for you all. When I say my house is messing and cluttered..I am talking about dust, animal fur, bits of paper, cups and plates left out, drips and drops left on tables, overflowing waste baskets, stank towels on the floor, christmas tree still sitting in the middle of the diningroom floor...that is what I am talking about. It is not like you are going to walk into a Hoarders situation. You will smell dog pee and for that I am sorry.  I  also have sub floors on the ground floor which embarrasses me to NO END! We never have the money to have proper floors put in. I do not want carpet!! With animals and get an over abundance of fleas. |
So there you go.
I just spit out a hodge podge of bullshit on this page. Patooey!

I am thinking (unless my period comes tomorrow) I want to go to the gym. It has been quite awhile and I think it is safe to assume all the resolutionares are gone. It has been upgraded and it is bigger. I have not even seen that yet.
So crossing fingers I do not get my MaryMary tomorrow.

Now back to dusting under the tv.

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