Monday, January 23, 2012

It`s a melting Monday


I accidentally deleted an entire page of writing! I am pissed! 

  I am not going to the gym today like I said (sorry Bima) because my period is just way too heavy. I will stick close to home and clean. The downstairs is already smelling good with orange cleaner. Mmm! All the heaters are off because it is close to 50 deg F outside. All is melting away.

  I have decided it is time for some inexpensive redecorating. I have a foot stool that needs a new cover. I need new shades in the living room. They are dark brown bamboo Pier 1 shades (back when I could afford them) and Ruby chewed the string on one of them so it does not work. Gives me an excuse to replace. I need two new lamps in there also since one was broken when we had the outlet overheat. I have an old table in there that I never finished painting. I think I want to redo that in a different color. I was painting it black. I also want to a new/used love seat or two chairs to replace to nasty love seat we have in there. And I want to paint the walls. They are chocolate brown with white trim. I loved it but it has been up since 1998. Time for a change.
 My dream would be to have new flooring but I cant now. I have to save for my trip to Denver and to replace the Mac. I am going to save as much money as I can every single month. I wish we had more. Or the economy was better.
Oh well. Cant have all your wishes come true.

So if anybody has some nice comfy side chairs or a decent love seat that they want to get rid of, you can chuck them over here. They will be loved!

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