Monday, January 2, 2012

Laundry SUCKS!

I have been doing laundry this morning. I have a load in the wash, one in the dryer and another on the couch to be folded. This is not good. I do not DO laundry, you see. Now before you blow up my comments about how you have to do laundry and I need to shut my trap, read on.
   Laundry and ironing is one of the only chores that I designated for Fred way back in the olden days. And he has been doing it faithfully with plenty of complaint but I complain too so that is normal. I went down to get the boxes for the ornaments yesterday cause I planned (and accomplished) to put all the Christmas crap away. What do my wandering eyes do appear? A big stinking pile of laundry. BIG! Bigger then I have ever seen before. He has not been really doing the laundry. He has been doing enough to appease me. He has done towels, scraps of underwear, and some clothes. The girls do their own. So what is this mountain! I think it is a combination of getting older and I do not know. Maybe it is his dizziness. Maybe it is his bit of weight gain and no exercise. I told him that he has to go to the gym starting this month. No more excuses. Even if he goes for just a bit at a time.

 So here I am with the WHOLE house to clean. Nobody helps me. They do not even offer to. And when they are asked, it is a big stink about it all. So I am not going down that road right now.

Recently I get a snarky remark from someone that said they clean their house every day and doesnt have to do seasonal cleaning, like I do. Basically telling me that I must be a dirty slob.
No Bitch! I am not a slob. I have multiple auto immune diseases, a back that I do not want to have surgery on again, and now stomach issues. I am flying with one wing basically. So get off your fucking housework high horse and maybe give me some fucking tips. Instead of being a snotty insolent bitch that I know you can be.

Wow! That came out of some place, huh? If your house is filthy and you do not work a job outside of home AND you are able bodied, then I would have something to say to you..unless you had like quads..then that is a different story. But you know someone has issues and you like to point it out? Hmm. Do not cross my ass.

Okay, off to clean. Dammit! Oh, I have heard nothing from the Gastro yet. Hoping soon.


  1. Laundry sucks....I think the reason I have laundry everyday is because I am so lazy at it. Like now. I finally had all the laundry caught up. Then I didn't do it for over a week. Now I am buried in laundry again. I will start work on it today...maybe tomorrow.

    I don't seasonal clean because I am to lazy too. I clean daily like most everyone else. simple shit. sweep the floor do the dishes...I vacuum every couple of days. I only have an area rug so that is easy. I dust (sometimes) when it is so obvious that there is dust on things. My house isn't filthy either , it is lived in. ...Personally you are a better person that me. You do all of this and are sick. I am not and I still don't do it.

    As for who ever thinks you are a slob...they must not know all you do...You are always cleaning,cooking, running errands.

  2. I do not clean every day, therefore, spring and fall cleaning is kind of necessary. Most of the time I do it, but sometimes I don't. My problem is that I do things the way you do. I start cleaning a room and then I tear that shit apart. Taking down curtains, washing walls, cleaning out cupboards. One room done and I'm exhausted.

  3. As soon as my nephew came back from Vero, there are mounds of towels! Where do all these dirty towels come from? My husband will not use a towel twice if Kyle is in the house, Kyle gives my husband the heeby jeebys. I have a load of kitchen towels that I keep tumbling over and over again. I hate folding towels.